Yellowstone 1 Wick Candle



This 180g natural wax candle will fill your room with a beautiful aroma. An earthy scent, the eucalyptus and sagebrush give you that hit of warmth you experience when in the park, followed by the cool earthy base of earth orris, patchouli and oakmoss to put you amongst the parks trees and rivers.

The inspiration for this scent comes from the wonder that is Yellowstone National Park. This amazing place is hard to put into words. Rivers, geysers, volcanic rumblings, an abundance of wildlife, and heat & cold all in one place. A sensory overload that leaves you feeling a part of a much bigger world than the one you were in before you came here.

Be sure to trim your wick between uses and allow all the top layer of wax to melt. Reuse the pink glass afterwards, great for plants, or storing makeup brushes! 


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