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Skin Genius is a simple 3-steps skincare routine that is 100% natural, organic and vegan. This simple range has been specifically formulated to prevent and reduce acne, spots, breakouts and oily skin.

The range uses a high number of quality active ingredients in lower concentrations, reducing the sensitivity of the products but multiplying the benefits. This means you can attack one issue from many angles, achieving top-class results in a powerful, yet gentle and effective way.

Skin:genius is expertly-developed due to personal experience, by Julia Vearncombe, Beautician/Hairdresser and Hilery Dorrian, Homeopath and original co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals and the products are suitable for teens and adults.

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browse brands
acne spot treatment award winning
Skin Genius Skincare

Spot Zapper – “hits the spot”

acne face wash
Skin Genius Skincare

Cleansing Face Wash – “best cleanse forever”

soothing moisturiser
Skin Genius Skincare

Calming Moisturiser – “soothe operator”

Skin Genius Skincare

Leave-On Treatment Gel – “all’s well that gels well”


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