The impact of wellness on the beauty industry continues its dominant march following the effects of the pandemic and interest in ‘clean’ and natural skincare and beauty powered by natural ingredients is showing no signs of slowing.

The sector is growing and according to analytics firm, GlobalData, British consumers are predicted to spend £487 each annually on wellness. There is also a growing popularity in overlapping beauty with other fields such as nutrition, skincare and health.

2021 is set to maintain this trend as we continue to wear masks, which can trap dirt and bacteria, as we navigate new beauty ground post-lockdown. The predictions are for new trends of embracing wellness within beauty and choosing bold or statement make-up looks that boost our mood following the mental turbulence of recent times.

One way to adopt wellness into your beauty routine is by ensuring you receive the optimum amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet and one of the most effective ways to do this is through supplements.

Lumity – For Optimal Health

Lumity’s range of natural supplements help support your body’s natural rhythms and we recommend the Female Morning and Night supplement – taken twice a day and delivered to your home every four weeks. Packed with a blend of vital amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omegas and nutrients, Lumity’s soft gel capsule supplements can help take your health and wellness to the next level.

100% of respondents saying they would recommend to a friend, with 92% saying they saw a significant improvement in their hair, skin, and nails, and 88% claimed they felt more alert after taking the supplement.


Ingenious Beauty – For Optimal Skin.

As we age, our collagen production reduces leading to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. To reduce this ageing effect, Ingenious Beauty has created a ground-breaking collagen capsule.

Ingenious Beauty’s award-winning, patented collagen peptide supplements are packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant astaxanthin which can pass through the stomach untouched and reach the small intestine for ingestion and the best results. No other solution can perform this anti-ageing miracle!

In a 12-week clinical trial, the formula was found to significantly improve the skin of 98% of all women tested.


All About Wellness

Wellness is about tending to your inner mental wellbeing as well as your exterior physical state. It includes catering to your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, financial, occupational, and intellectual states of being.

To improve your overall wellness, invest into all areas of your life. This means continuously stimulating yourself with physically, spiritually, and intellectually challenging habits, socialising with others and exploring nature, as well as removing stress from your life.

Wellness is just as much about healing as it is about health and it demands you to unlearn a history of poor eating habits, self-criticism, isolation tendencies and mental and physical laziness. There is no singular potion that can flood you with motivation and a desire for self-betterment. Nor is it simply the act of drinking a smoothie and reclining in a bath. It is a daily choice for advancement, and we’ve compiled a list of tips to overhaul your lifestyle and improve your wellness!


Tips to Improve Your Wellness
  1. Drink plenty of fluids – We all know how important drinking two litres of water every day is for a healthy body and healthy skin, but we also recommend incorporating herbal teas into your daily diet as the benefits of nature’s antioxidants are second to none. We recommend green tea which has been proven to improve brain function and assist in fat-burning, as well as chamomile tea for its antibacterial and calming properties.

  2. A nutrient-rich diet – There are many diets that promise to improve your energy levels and complexion but it is difficult to understand what will work best for you and your lifestyle. There is a common understanding in the health industry: the more vitamins and minerals the better, and generally, processed foods are bad for you. So shy away from processed dairy and packed meats and fill your plate with what nature has to offer. A piece of advice: the more colourful the vegetable or fruit, the higher the number of antioxidants and nutrients bursting inside!

  3. Exercise…outdoors – Exercising is not only good for your muscle strength and enabling your heart to pump blood around the body more effectively, it helps releasing toxins from your body through sweating. Just make sure you cleanse your skin after a workout or you risk blogged pores! Exercising doesn’t have to be a solitary task – make it a social outing with a friend or family member and help each other to stay motivated whilst taking in the scenery of your local area.

  4. Meditation – Meditation brings about a sense of self-awareness that detaches you from the constant drumming of a stressful life and brings you to a state of ultimate calmness. As well as the emotional benefits of adopting mental control over your negative emotions and focusing on the present to reduce lingering stress, some research suggests that it has medical benefits such as reducing anxiety and lowering high blood pressure.

  5. Declutter from the stress – Feeling overwhelmed from the stresses of work and home life can seep directly into your health and show up signs of mental and physical strain. This can result in insomnia, anxiety, acne breakouts and poor nutrition. One way to regain control is to get organised. Set aside time for tasks you wish to accomplish. If you have structure to your day, you will focus on your present task rest assured that you have assigned attention to all other pressing duties.
April 10, 2021 — Lydia Mason