Lockdown has seen a surge in consumers looking for ways to be more proactive about their wellness -  from getting the most nutrient-rich ingredients from their skincare products to investing in their hair, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows during their enforced hibernation.

Views of articles and YouTube tutorials showing individuals how to cut their hair or personally perfect their manicures have soared, and searches for DIY haircuts and eyebrow grooming has substantially increased. This motivation for ‘do it yourself’ regimes has enabled us to explore how to become our own beautician, stylist and nail technician, and with nothing but time and boredom to fill – we have become our own personal experts in the process!

This trend of ‘taking back control of your beauty’ is set to continue as we make our way back to normality and the world gradually unlocks. However, the research and financial investment in adopting a new skincare and wellness regime is not set to be abandoned anytime soon, nor is the new-found passion for a more natural, subtle look.


Embracing A Subtle Boldness

Beauty experts and professionals believe that as we increasingly venture outdoors, there will be a focus on ‘upper-face’ beauty: aka your eyes and eyebrows. Losing our ability to turn heads with a statement lip shade, we will continue to experiment with different eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner flicks such as with the recent ‘Fox eye’ trend – headlined by model influencers such as Bella Hadid - and elongating of our eyelashes. With colour-blocking boldness set against a canvas of subdued natural beauty due to set the trend for the rest of this year, expect to see the drama play out with intensely coloured and lined eyes amidst a background of brushed brows and dewy skin.

With predictions of the continued ‘brushed-up’ eyebrow trend from 2020 set to continue, it is thought we will also lose our desire to rely on eyebrow pencils, pomades and powders to help achieve that thick, filled-in, salon look whilst we were in-between appointments.

In 2021 we will see a rise in embracing our fuller brows using tools such as tweezers and brow brushes to achieve our desired, personalised look.



We’ve got your personalised-pampering toolkit needs covered with our Donna May London Precision Eyebrow Styling Kit in Signature Black Wallet from professional make-up artist Donna May Clitheroe’s award-winning range of beauty accessories!

With two eyebrow tweezers, one magnifying mirror, one pair of curved stainless steel eyebrow scissors, one razor and one double-ended spoolie and brow brush, you will forever be equipped with all the practical tools to perfectly pluck your way to professional-looking brows in the comfort of your own home!

Pair this purchase with Donna May London’s five-star set of two Nude & Berry Lip Face Masks made from 95% cotton – suitable for even the most sensitive skins with its soft texture and natural breathable fibres. We particularly love Donna May’s signature red lips logo on the front of these soft grey masks – splashing a bit of animated boldness to enhance your overall look!

For men’s brows, we are championing ALTR London’s easy-to-apply Beard and Brow Tame – a brush in a mouldable gel formula that can help brush, shape and define men’s brows and beards. Available in four tints - Clear, Blonde, Brown and Black – the alcohol-free, cruelty-free and water-resistant facial hair gel is perfect for the man wishing to tame his hair while caring for his skin.

April 10, 2021 — Lydia Mason