Lipcote & Browcote Duo Pack



Dedicated to all who live for lipstick and brow styles that last this EXCLUSIVE duo pack contains the Award-Winning Lipcote, The Original Lipstick Topcoat, and Browcote, Waterproof Brow Gel. The essential British beauty duo for lasting looks!

Lipcote - The original lipstick topcoat:

Finish your lipstick looks with Lipcote – The Original Lipstick Top Coat. It truly is a beauty icon! This transparent formula ensures your lipstick lasts. Lipcote confidently combats transferring, smudging and feathering, and has built a loyal and reputable community from beauty mavericks to MUA’s, press and celebrities alike. Award-winning Lipcote is a makeup staple – your secret to a long- lasting look. Simply apply your favourite shade, blot with a tissue and brush Lipcote on top!

How to use: Lipstick fixed, in a few simple steps:

Colour; Apply lipstick.
Blot; use a tissue to blot away excess.
Cote; brush quick drying Lipcote over and slightly beyond lipstick.
Set; keep lips apart while Lipcote sets.

Browcote  - The award-winning waterproof brow gel:

Whatever brow style or colour you choose, make it long-lasting & smudge-free with the award-winning waterproof Browcote brow gel. Browcote continues to generate rave, all-star reviews. This genius product comes with a petite spoolie brush and clear, flexible formula for natural brow taming and hold, or over the top of brow make up to fix in place. Just create your brow look, and brush through with Browcote to set your style.

How to use: Brows tamed in a few simple steps:

Groom; tame your eyebrows into shape.
Colour; colour eyebrows as usual.
Cote; evenly brush Browcote through your eyebrows.
Set; Allow Browcote to set for a few moments.

Lovingly produced in the UK, not tested on animals and made with all natural ingredients, formulated in partnership with The Green Chemist Consultancy.

What we say

"At 47 years old I remember using this at school over 30 years ago - it's legendary and really does work! It definitely worked for my first kiss anyway" Lydia, Founder


Browcote Ingredients List:
Alcohol Denat
Butyl Stearate
Isopropyl Alcohol
Styrax Benzoin Gum
Aqua (water)
Parfum (fragrance)
Benzyl Alcohol
Benzyl Benzoate
Benzyl Salicylate
Cinnamyl Alcohol
Hexyl Cinnamal

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