Grey Hair Shampoo



With more than 93% of naturally derived ingredients, this award winning gentle shampoo helps soften and adds shine, without hair turning blue.

Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Erylitirol, Aquarich (Black Oat Extract), Emogreen (Natural alternative to silicones), Guar plant (Natural fibre thickener), Natural Betaine.

The blue pigments are made from Maltodextrin (a natural starch derivative) and Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract. They help prevent brassy tones in the medium-long term. As these pigments are used in a precise level, this shampoo can be used on every wash, with no risk of hair turning blue (There is no need to alternate with a normal shampoo).

Also, natural ingredients such as black oat extract, coconut oil and hemp seed oil improve the structure of the surface of the hair, helping glow and bounce back, protect and repair the hair without flattening it, deeply hydrate, nourish and help hair growth. It also produces a silky-feel lather, that ensures an effective cleansing.
Size: 250 ml.
What we say

This shampoo is award winning for many reasons. If your hair is of grey or white tone this shampoo will bring out the very best in it and you'll be hooked.

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