Joy Scented Candle

By Kalmar


A vivid, enlivening scent, the Joy Candle provides a gentle and optimistic uplift of energy. The invigorating scent freshens up your mind to start a new day or open yourself up to new possibilities. Light up the candle and take a moment to reconnect with your inner voice. Inhale deeply. The rich blend of Lemon, Ginger, Bergamot, Jasmine, Magnolia and White Musk will give you a boost in mind, heart and spirit.

As featured in: Grazia, Red, Forbes, Good Housekeeping and Hello Magazine.

Burn time: approximately 45 hours.

What we say

As the candle gently glows, awaken your senses and experience the scent filling the room, evoking energy and joy!


Rhodiola, Cocoa, Orange Extract, Amber Gemstone Extract. The candle blend contains natural vegetable waxes. The wicks are lead-free and made from pure cotton.

Product Features